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Our Services

Mowing & Edging:

Keep your lawn looking its best with our professional mowing service, which includes edging around trees, paths, ponds and other garden features. We can also help care for your lawn through weed and pest control, top dressing, fertilising, aeration and coring. Ride-on mowing and slashing for larger properties is also available.


Gardening & Weed Control:

An attractive, well-maintained and weed-free garden increases both the appeal and, potentially, the value of your property. We can simply provide a once off visit or tailor a garden maintenance program to suit your needs.


Hedging and Pruning:

Regular pruning, trimming and hedging is essential to maintaining the health of your plants and trees and also helps keep your garden looking its best. We can remove any unwanted shrubs and small trees and organise the removal of larger trees if required.


Landscaping, Design & Construction:

Are you building a new home? Perhaps your business has moved on to a new property, or you’ve been planning your perfect new garden for the family home. TLC can take care of all aspects of designing and implementing a new garden or outdoor living area that suits both your budget and your lifestyle. Our trained Horticulturists can provide expert guidance when it comes to plant selection, drought tolerance, irrigation and many other aspects of your garden.


Turf laying and repair:

Make your yard look amazing with our professional turf laying and repair service. A quality, well-maintained turf will accentuate the other aspects of your home and garden and add value and functionality to your outdoor living space.


Pest Control:

TLC’s pest controllers have expert insight when it comes to dealing with common local pests. All of our exterminators are fully-trained and licensed and have comprehensive insurance. We also offer commercial pest removal as well as pre-purchase pest inspections of new homes. Familiarity with Southern Tasmanian conditions, coupled with years of experience, means our exterminators are the experts when it comes to eradicating or controlling pests such as ants, spiders, rodents, wasps and centipedes.


Rubbish Removal & Tidy Ups:

Don’t put off clearing your yard any longer – let us do it for you! Put your feet up while we remove your hard rubbish and green waste so that you can get the most out of your garden and yard.


Gutter cleaning:

Cleaning your home’s gutters is an essential regular chore that reduces your homes risk from bushfires as well as preventing any build-up of water and overflow that can damage your roof and walls. Cleaning gutters can be a dangerous job, but our expert staff have the training and equipment to ensure that your gutters are cleaned quickly and efficiently.


Odd jobs:

If it’s a job around your home or garden, we can do it! Call us today and talk to one of our expert handymen and nip those little jobs in the bud.